sabato 21 luglio 2012

The first time of Valerio

I promised Cristiano to write a post this week. By the end of the week, I said. Well, that's it. We got it. The end of the week.

The first of you who read this post in Europe will think it's not the end of the week. It's still Saturday. Well, it is. It's Sunday in Singapore. The end of the week. We're in the future, peeps.

Surprise surprise, I'm in Singapore. And I'll stay here for some other months. If you can speak Italian, I hope you already knew about my moving. I wrote it in the story of the Barabapà rosa.

Second surprise: I'm writing in English. Today I told a friend about Piovono Runners. And I realized that my last post in English was exactly a year ago, after the killings in Utoya.

So, I told my friend about Chiara and her first uplifting post. Her first run. How I was happy for her. How I was happy for me, to have had a small role in this big moment of her life.

The first run.

I remember the first run. Sadly not the very first run. I remember some of the first runs. Probably not so intense as Chiara's one (seriously, you should learn Italian just to read about her very first run).

I mean the first run after six months I couldn't run and walk. The first run after a break up. The first run in Milan. The first run in London.

What's so special about those first runs? I tell you what's so special. You pierce a veil, you move forward.

I remember the first run in Singapore.

It was three days after I landed. Three days, I thought, just to get used to the climate. This is what I tweeted after that run:

Well, third surprise, I got used to the climate. I run at least twice a week. Not as often as I'd like. But that's life, you cannot always do what you want.
I'd like to run with my friends around Parco Sempione in Milan, at 6.30 in the morning.
I'd like to run with Podisti da Marte and the visitors of Milan, with "Run in Milan".
I'd like to run with Chiara, at her pace, and see her running bud sprouting gentlly.

Those will come after another first run. I'm in Singapore now, and I get the joy to run with Angus and Hilda. With Alessandra and Julia. With Giorgio and Fabian. With Soonpeel, though for a short time.

Two months ago I had my first run in Singapore. And there's only one thing I enjoy more than that: my next run in Singapore.

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