mercoledì 1 maggio 2013

Lombok-Gili: Finding Nemo

It is so hard to fish in Gili Trawangan.

I spent two days bargaining for a decent price.

The first day I got prices and conditions I wanted. It turned out to be a scam. The guy took my money and went back to Lombok mainland.

I got my money back from the thief's friends, those who introduced the thief to me. Money and complimentary mask and fin for a day (you do not mess with Sicilians). But I was back to square one.

The second day, I found again price and conditions I wanted. And no upfront payment this time. Dealt straight with the owner of the boat, no agencies. The day after the fisherman chickened out. Someone told him he was mad to accept that price, tourists usually pay much more. He got nothing.

That was so sad, because I really wanted to fish Nemo.

Gili Trawangan is the biggest of the Gili Islands, three small rounded pieces of land lying in the sea at northwest of Lombok. They are surrounded by coral reefs, which make them perfect for surfing, diving and snorkeling. And fishing of course.

They were the flattest piece of land my friend and I could find in Indonesia. Perfect to recover after Mount Rinjani (see previous post).

Five days four nights of tough relax. The first day we lied on the beach all day and celebrated fullmoon at night: our homestay offered free flow of fried and grilled fish, with palm wine as drink.

The second day we lied on the beach all day. No fullmoon to celebrate.

The third day we went snorkeling around the three islands. We found Nemo, but I could not eat him. So sad.

The fourth day we lied on the beach all day.

Someone may find strange that we lied on the beach all day. But that is what you usually do in Gili. You lie on the beach all day.

The fourth day was special, though. A horse landed on our beach from the sea. Such a special day.

I decided to add some spice to all this lying on the beach all day.

52k run in three days. 7k fast, 30k slow split between sunrise and sunset, 15k interval training. Everything thanks to the proteins of the friends of our friend Nemo. I could not fish him but at least I could have other kinds of fish for lunch and dinner. Barracuda included.

The fifth day I left to Kuta, Bali. A journey called nightmare. A nightmare called Indonesia. Traffic jam, scams, stoned backpackers, greedy car drivers. Everything awful of this beautiful country squeezed in 11 hours of cars and boats.

Lucky them, I was so relaxed.

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