sabato 25 agosto 2012

Need for Speed

I need speed.

My training schedule has been breached many times, runs have been postponed from day to day.

Too hot, too late, too early, too study, all excuses for not getting up on my feet and start running. I tried to recover whis week, but there's not much to do so close to the race.

Yes, there's a race. The second one for me in Singapore. This time it's 10k, all around Marina Bay.
(In the picture: location location location)
I had planned to run it under 40 minutes. There's no way I can do it so fast.

The new benchmark is 45 minutes. But still, how can I strengthen my chance to finish it within that time? Luckily, a Korean singer showed me the way.

Too hot? Your body isn't fit enough? Don't do drugs. Live strong.

Need for speed? Just do it Gangnam Style.

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