domenica 29 luglio 2012

Once Upon a Time in the East

Warning: this post doesn't recognize boring concepts, such as time and space. If you're puzzled, just remember: today it's February 29, 2086.

I remember July 14, 2011. Carletto and I on the top of the hill. We were celebrating the greatest victory in the history of humankind.
(in the picture, from the left: Carletto, Valerio, and Ruggiero the fiercest hunter)
"The greatest victory". That's what I wrote on my Wikipedia page, on May 20, 2024.

So young and brave. We were the first ones to complete the Journey To The End Of The Night.

I remember July 30, 2011. Carletto and I, writing the story of that Journey.

I remember July 21, 2012. Writing my second of thousands posts in English on Piovono Runners.

I remember July 25, 2012, four days later. Running free after the exam of Corporation. I remember what I did later, actually. Coming back from the run, I played some basketball. The days after are quite confusing. There was a 5k run, on July 29, that's for sure. Everything else is covered by some fog. As if it were erased from memory.

A similar thing happened in 2057. It was my 2468 marathon, on Mars. Third time, excellent view, fabulous organization. They don't organize such races nowadays.

I remember the journey back from Mars as very very boring. We were closed in a room, floating. Neon lamps 24/7 to keep us awake and relaxed.

Something similar happened in 2012. I spent a lot of time in this room. Now that I remember, there were other people. They gathered there quite early in the morning. They sat all day long, until the light reddened their eyes.

I remember now, I can see myself mirrored in the window. Greeting at the old Valerio of 2086.

"Hi pal, how's going? Remember that chicken biryani you ate on July 29, 2012? Bad choice."

How can I forget. It must be still there, somewhere in my stomach.

Now I clearly remember those days. We were studying Rule 144. § 5(b)(1) of the Security Act 1933. Life is strange. A bazillion ago I didn't remember anything. Now everything is illuminated. Clear memory of that stuff. Too bad they stopped trading securities in 2013.

I remember July 33, 2012. No, wait. At that time July had only 31 days. It was August 2. We finished last exam, M&M's (or was it M&A?). I had a celebrating run. An easy one. Then we all slept for 24 hours.

But if we go back to July 29, 2012. Again. Apart from not eating that chicken biryani. There was something I had to do. What was that, what was that, what was that?

"Old pal, when you're finished, I need the laptop to write the scheme for tomorrow. The exam is in 24 hours."

Scheme? What scheme?

"The one that saved your butt on the last question. You had to write it after the 5k run. Remember? 'An easy 5k run, a fast meal, back to the library and finish the scheme'. That's what you said. What did you on the night of July 29, 2012, old pal?"

It's better if you don't know it, son.

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