lunedì 22 aprile 2013

Lombok - Senaru

First day: flying to Lombok.

A whole day to fly to Lombok? Yes, the whole day. 

I left at 10.40 from Singapore. We arrived in Senaru at 21. We is Marie-Lea and I. Marie-Lea is a friend from university. She's French. (Yeah, French. Don't tell me about it)

Senaru is the starting point if you want to climb Rinjani, Lombok's 3700m high volcano. 

So, yesterday was a whole day of just travel. An airplane, then waiting in Bali, then another airplane to Lombok (Payar), then a 3 hour drive from Payar to Senaru, shared with a Dutch couple. 

No running, no climbing, no snorkeling.

So what's remarkable about the day?

The plane. Pictures below.

The company. We shared some stories and pretended to laugh at the Dutch guy annoying jokes.

Senaru. This tiny village is a steep street with houses on both sides. Kids, dogs, workers. All of them are nice and welcoming. Of course there are swindlers, like the guy who rented us the room for the night. But the impression of Senaru is very positive.

This morning I woke up at 6 and had a pleasant 7.5k run.  Tried to reach the waterfalls, but a bunch of dogs first, and of monkeys then, persuaded me not to.

Instead, I went up and down the village. I saw the school, the most romantic football pitch, and some land for sale.

We spent the afternoon trekking  to two gorgeous waterfalls. An amuse bouche of what we will be doing for the next four days.

Everything we did, of course, was under the gaze of the wise Mount Rinjani. Our next destination.

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