domenica 9 settembre 2012

Back to the Future

Back in 1992: "kid, one day you'll wait for a bus in Singapore at 3.30 a.m. in order to run 21k" "Sure, why not?"

Back in 1995: "kid, one day you'll catch a bus at 3.45 a.m. in Singapore, and it will be full of people dressed like you" "Come on!"

Back in 1999: "boy, one day you'll publicly spread vaseline on your genitals without any shame" "Man, you're gross!"

Back in 2002: "boy, one day you'll start and complete a half marathon before the cock crows" "Why should I do such a stupid thing?!"

Back in 2005: "man, one day you'll run the Singaporean Army half marathon, where each squad organizes refreshment and collateral events" "Peace and love, bro"

Back in 2008: "man, one day you'll hear a woman screaming to cheer you during the race, but that is a soldier of the Singaporean Army" "What did you smoke bro?"

Back in 2010: "man, one day you'll turn a corner, 5.50 a.m. in Singapore, and you'll see Indian dancers and fire-eaters" "And where are the elves?"

Back in 2011: "man, one day you'll finish a half marathon in Singapore as the top 30 over 10,000 participants" "Has someone cut their legs?"

Back in March 2012: "man, this year you'll run a half marathon over 1h30m" "Are you kidding? I'm faster than that!!"

Back in May 2012: "man, this year you'll run a half marathon in Singapore under 1h35m" "Shut up and pass the booze!"

Anytime after 2010: "man, one day you'll finish a half marathon in retro-running and waving a flag" "That I believe"

True story.
(in the picture: sunrise in Singapore)

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