sabato 29 settembre 2012

To Be a Strong Man

How do you become a strong man? That's a question I was asked many times.

The first thing is eating. A strong man needs a lot of energy. Eat at least four raw eggs in the morning, 1kg meatball spaghetti  for lunch, and a steak for dinner (better is beefsteak Florentine style). Every day. If you don't like eggs you can have a steak also for breakfast.

If you want to be a strong man you need to train hard. There's no easier way to get there. Two to four hours of daily work out are required. A strong man needs to suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer. You don't like the atmosphere of gyms? Cut logs, push carts, lift people, try to chase a chicken. Better if you do it in Philadelphia. Or in Russia.

If you want to be a strong man you need to look like a strong man. Shave your legs, arms and chest. Use a mirror and train until you reach the perfect fierce dumb look. Never forget to oil up your body.
(a little more oil would help)

You don't want to become a strong man? you may always consider to become a Strongman Runner.

You run as usual, you do some work out from time to time. You go to the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run and leave with fun, bruises and stories to tell. There's one in Italy, today 29 September. A lot of friends of Piovono Runners are going. 18k run with 24 obstacles.

There's one in Germany, one in France, one in Switzerland, one in Belgium, one in The Netherlands. If you are in Europe you can easily be a Strongman Runner. If you are in Singapore, well, you can just be a Strong Man. Where's my oil?

(Once we were Strongman Runners)

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