domenica 30 settembre 2012

Sweatman Run

I woke up at 5.30 this morning. Sunday morning. Yes, I know, too late. But the race started at 7.30 this morning. Always Sunday morning.

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Races in Singapore usually start at 7. Sometimes even at 5.15. The reason is clear for anyone who's ever just passed by Singapore. Heat. Always. And when it's heat plus sun, you'd better stay in a mall or in a house with on going air conditioned.

This race started at 7.30. They decided to do so. This race is the Mizuno Passion Wave Run. 16k, all around Mount Faber, highest Singapore hill.

This race was all the time under the sun. Plus heat.

We gathered 15 minutes before the start. By "we" I mean the guys who decided to wake up at 5.30 and gather at 7.15, 15 minutes before the start of the race. Bad choice. In 15 minutes I lost all the liquids I had been saving since the night before. All. Soy-milk, litres of water, isotonic drink. All moved from the inside to the outside.

The speaker shouts "start" and we start. As usual I start fast. But less fast than usual. Legs and arms are still stiff for the Friday work out. Never work out on the fridays before the race, unless you want to become a Strong Man. (Here's how: "To Be a Strong Man").

After 5k my pace slows down. Down down down. I start thinking to keep AT LEAST a pace of 4m10s per k. Then 4m15s per k. Then 4m20s per k. Then 4m25s per k. Then 4m30s per k. Then I close a k in 4m40s. And I decide not to bother anymore about the pace.

Around 10k I stop. Suddenly. A policeman makes me stop. "You need to wait for the traffic light". What?!?!? "It's Unbelievable! Never Happened in a Race!! Outrageous!!!". I think. To waste liquids by speaking isn't a good idea. Not to mention the time I would waste by going to jail. 50 seconds later we can start again.

Around 13k another traffic light. I start shouting 100m before. The policeman hears and stops the cars. "Thanks". I've been in a terrific shape. The guy I've tried to chase for 13k is so close. I cannot risk to loose him by waiting for the traffic light!

I pay that shout. The throat is dry. The same cannot be said about the clothes. And the shoes. A sweatman running.

1,5k left. I don't know where, but I find enough energy to push. I pass the guy 500m before the end. Retro-running. Arrival. Food. Water. Isotonic drink.

16k in 1 hour 8 minutes 48 seconds. 4m21s per k, considering also the time I stood still.

No traffic light can stop us!! (more than required)

(the smile of a rehydrated man)

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