venerdì 28 dicembre 2012

First Day, First Run

So, 28 December 2012, the first day of this trip around South East Asia (Singapore-Bali-Kuala Lumpur-Penang-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Singapore). The second day actually, as we arrived on 27.

We are staying in Bali, Senur, the quiet area for families. Not many chicks, unfortunately. WE is me, Federico (my old friend from Trento) his brother and their parents.

The beach is so close we can feel the sea breeze. Along the beach there is a path, looking on luxurious villas, Hindu temples and the beautiful traditional Bali boats. Do you see what I see? Of course not, you're not in Bali (UAH UAH UAH). Yes, we gotta run here.

Federico and I woke up at 6.20, willing to see the sunrise. Senur is in the eastern coast of Bali. Unfortunately the sun was already up and shining at 6.30. We came back from our 7k red like lobsters.

The late morning is for some swimming. Beautiful beach, nothing to say. But I still haven't found a better place than Milazzo, my home town in Sicily. And we do not have sea snakes like in Bali.

Easy hiking in the afternoon. Hindu temple on a cliff, full of monkeys and tourists. Guess who's more annoying? Yeah, right, it's me: a tourist jumping around like a monkey.

Sunset from the temple, grilled fresh fish dinner and sleep. Tomorrow trekking around rice terraces. Life can be harsh in Bali, I know.

P.s. I'm using an app for Android. Pictures are uploaded "ad minchiam" (trans. not in order). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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