sabato 23 luglio 2011

In the meanwhile

All the Italian readers of this blog are waiting. What? The second part of a journey culminated with a great victory!
It will be posted as soon as Carletto and I have enough time to write the post together.

In the meanwhile I'll post in English. I know, it's boring and I cannot write in English properly (this phrase is an example of the statement). But there's a personal reason for me to write in English this time. Which will be kept personal.

So, the running. After the victory of last Sunday I ran twice. I know it's not that much for people who were used to read or hear about my runs four/five times a week. But in this period of the year twice a week is a good average. Hot weather and work/study are not easy to combine with run. And the fact that I haven't planned a marathon yet doesn't help.
I really don't know how Carletto can run almost every day. No surprise that his perfect shape lead us to victory.

The reason of this post is not really running.

I've just spoken with Helle, a friend of mine who lives in Oslo. I called her right after I read the news. Specifically, this piece of news* and this piece of news*. And this piece of news (for non-Italian-readers these are an example of scaring journalism).

*You are allowed to change "news" with "shit".

Helle is a woman from another planet, called Norway. Although gasoline is much cheaper than in Italy, there are basically no cars on the streets of Oslo. A family with two children can live and go skiing without a car (and I met that family).

The first time I met Helle I was 4. They told me I didn't like her. I don't remember. When I met her again in February 2007, I was a little older at that time, I loved her. And her husband of course. And their beautiful daughter.

She lived next to a huge city park. And she was concerned that her daughter didn't have enough space to play outside. Or that she could be hit by a car. I might have counted two cars in that area, in six days.

When I called her, a few minutes ago, she said she was fine. She knew a girl who was in that island, though. And was quite shocked. The girl survived.

We talked about how beautiful Oslo is (well, I said that), and she gave me an understanding of the facts.

I cannot remember the exact words. Basically what she said, in less than a phrase, was this:
He was a lonely man. Without friends. Nothing will change.
I might have misunderstood. But this phrase, and the meaning I give to it, are the only reasons for I have written this post.

(in the picture: The Scream)

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