sabato 29 dicembre 2012

Second Day, the Day of the Shit

It can be a shitty day without running.

Our tour of Bali started at 8.30 in the morning. We went to Ubud a city in Central Bali.

Tours in South East Asia are ran by drivers. You rent a car, or a tuk tuk. And they come with the driver. Either this or you die in a car accident at the first turn of these crazy roads.

Drivers earn money from you, and from the places where you spend money (food, souvenir shops, museums).

Induced places are usually nice, especially for you that come from far far away. But if you want to do something you want to do, you need to avoid drivers' tricks.

For example, we wanted to trek around Ubud, at least for a bit. We managed to do our first trekking.

Light trekking for an hour and a half, visiting temples on the way and taking pictures of the shining rice terraces.

The second one became a walk in the shopping streets of Ubud.

The third one was a pleasant walk in the Monkey Forrest. Impressive mangroves, a couple of temples and myriads of crazy monkeys.

In between there was the Neka museum of contemporary Balinese art. (you can see below the "Where's Wally" style painting).

We managed to avoid the Balinese paintings shop. But not the wooden craftsmanship.

Our happy ending is called Luwak Coffee. We visited a typical Balinese coffee plantation (with annexed shop, of course). Luwak Coffee shows how far mankind can go. Some lunatic-drug-user-visionary man thought to feed weasels with coffee beans. He then took the shit, cleaned it, toasted the beans and created an expensive blend of coffee: Luwak Coffee.

We drunk Luwak Coffee. Shitty coffee. That marked my day as the shitty day.

Surprise surprise, the coffee was good. As it was the day. Sometimes who puts you in the shit makes you a favour. That was the case. Thanks for the shit, man!!

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