domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Third Day, Sunrise Kingdom

Slight reference to Moonrise Kingdom, the best movie you can see in 2012. Hurry up, no much time left to watch it in 2012.

Third day in Bali.

The alarm clock rang at 5.30 this morning. Nothing compared to tomorrow, but we will see that tomorrow.

Busy busy day.

7k run along the coast. Federico and I amazed by the sunrise. Our sight went through the beach uncovered by the low tide, fishermen, reef, open sea, and, finally, the horizon waiting for its king.

After a deserved breakfast we moved to Kuta, the famous beach for surf beginners and drunks. We opted for being surf beginners.

One hour with instructor (two instructions: paddle, up) and boards so big that we could eat there in ten. Nobody could fall from such big boards. Nobody but me and Seba, Federico's brother.

I tell you, I'm not a surfer.

After provoking the laughs of everyone around, we managed to boost our self confidence with a couple of good waves. So boosted, I opted for using the small board, for trained surfers. I think the waves weren't big enough. That or I can't surf. The waves, for sure.
Excited like never for our two good waves, we later showed the beach what Italians do better. Ok, second thing Italians do better: playing football.

Federico, Seba and I against Indonesia in the toughest football match on the beach that Bali remembers.

From lame surfers we became professional football players of Serie A (that's what we told to the kids asking for autographs). And to the fifteen years old guys we beated hard.

Day's almost over, time to have dinner and go to sleep early.

Tomorrow, 31 December 2012, I'm waking up at 1.45 a.m..

Tomorrow's the big day. We'll get there tomorrow.


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