giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Seventh Day, King of Jungle

What a crazily intense day! Last full one in Penang, Malaysia. Tomorrow (4 December 2013) I'm catching a train to Bangkok at 14.20.

The day was so stuffed and so scarily terrific that I don't know how to explain it. I'll go by bullet points.

- left for the trip at 7;
- realized that first 24k were in a 4 line highway next to the industrial area of Penang (including Magneti Marelli factory), thought about dying crashed by crazy drivers a thousand times;
- missed the freaking fishmen village (Kampung Batu Maung);
- missed the typical Malay village (Kampung Seronok);
- stopped because of the heavy rain and started checking carefully about the rest of the trip, I couldn't keep skipping places;
- had some coffee and roti canai for 1,50 ringgit (40 euro cent) served by nice non-English speaking Che Guevara fan;
- started the hilly part of the trip: jungle, amazing views, terrific riding;
- stopped at Balik Pulau (second biggest city of Penang) for money withdrawal, resting and chatting with locals (very very friendly);
- back on the hills, stopped at the stall of a Chinese old farmer and street seller of durian, passionate for the study of law;
- ate very good Ganja durian (durian, the king of fruits, see description on Wikipedia, I can only say that it is pollinated by bats, and that you can smell it a hundred metres away), while talking about statute of limitation and bankruptcy law under Italian and Malaysian law;
- visited (alone) the nearby farm of the old pal, to be reached by walking in the jungle, with view on amazing waterfall and gigantic spiders;
- stopped at the Tropical Fruit Farm for a guided tour and an all you can eat tropical fruit buffet;
- finished the ride with some stop to take pictures of Batu Ferringhi Beach;
- filled the motorbike with 1,73 litres of gasoline paid 3,30 ringgit (80 euro cent).

- ate a big bowl of very good assam laksa (typical Penang fish soup with tamarin and a lot of indefinite stuff) in a renowned stall, with mice crawling around;
- after two hours ate two main courses and some dim sum in a packed open air Chinese restaurant;
- had some dessert from a street seller;
- shaved.

I don't know how a day can be better than this one.

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