martedì 1 gennaio 2013

Fifth Day, Transit Mode

Fifth day of travelling. No romantic sunrises to show. No volcanoes to climb. For those you can read the previous posts of #piovonontheroad.

Last night, new year's eve, we hanged around the beach of Sanur until 1. The whole East coast of Bali was enlightened by fireworks. Never seen so many of them in my life. And part of my family comes from Gualtieri Sicaminò, the capital of fireworks in North East Sicily.

I left the hotel at 3 am. Greeted Federico (who luckily woke him and me up at 2.55) and took a taxi to the airport. If we can call taxi the car driven by the concierge of our hotel in Bali. (This is multitasking!!)

Left Bali at 6 and landed in Kuala Lumpur at 9. Last time I went to KL I was with four beautiful girls from my master. We had breakfast at Starbucks and took a taxi to the hotel. This time I had breakfast at the airport food court and caught a bus to... catch another bus.

KL was just on the way to Penang, an island in North West Malaysia. It is a five hours bus. I could take a flight to Penang, but I would have missed the Malaysian countryside. And one hundred euro. But mainly the countryside.

On the way from KL to Penang I slept most of the time. But when I opened my eyes I could see amazing peaks covered by jungle, arising from the jungle. Totally worth the saving of money. Buses are not like in Italy. Seats are like airplane business class.

Got in Butterworth (mainland Penang) at 19. Right after sunset, still with light. The coast of the island is ruined by high buildings. Something I'm familiar with, as the skyline resembles the first thing a traveler sees on the ferry from Italy to Sicily.

My hostel is in Georgetown, the main city of Penang, next to the historical center (a World Heritage Site).

I was a bit scared, as I'm staying in a dorm. But, surprise surprise, the room is just for me!!

You'll read again about the city on the Straits in the next two days.

For me it's time to eat, plan my runs, and finally sleep.

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