sabato 5 gennaio 2013

Eigth and Ninth Day, Road to Bangkok

Strange two days.

After the amazing ride in Penang (see previous post) I got sick.

I was sick before going to Bali. Then the Island healed me. Then 80k of riding under the rain got me a cough.

No big problem for me. More for the people I travelled with. On 4 January I took a train from Butterworth (mainland Penang) at 14.20. After 21 hours I got to Bangkok.

The train was gorgeous. Seriously, way better than the night trains in Italy. Clean, comfortable, silent.

I met a 51 years old Caribbean from Manchester, with 5 kids, who was going for holidays to Bangkok. A couple of a girl from Manchester and a Chinese from Penang grew up in Montreal. Both of them are now living in Paris.

We saw the countryside of Thailand (rice fields rice fields rice fields rice fields) and the ring belt of Bangkok.

Bangkok is less dirty then expected. And more expensive, for the standards of South East Asia. All museums and tourists places close at 16. After a walk under the sun I went back to the hotel to rest and do my laundry.

I am afraid that there won't be running in Bangkok. Bearable, I'm leaving on 7 to less fancy and less chaotic places.

Tonight ping pong show and sightseeing. Sorry but no pictures about this part on Piovono Runners.

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